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Bilateral trade and economic cooperation with Chad


Bilateral trade and economic cooperation with Chad has not been done in a systematic way. Among the main reasons hampering the establishing of trade and economic cooperation is the considerable distance of the country from the world of communication, lack of internal infrastructure, specific political situation (the presence of military opposition) and a low level of economic development. The fact that most trade relations between the two countries have been done through intermediaries also prevents the deepening of economic cooperation between Kyiv and N’Djamena.

However, there are vast opportunities for economic cooperation between Ukraine and Chad taking into account positive conditions created in the time of the USSR in particular, the presence of Ukrainian enterprises in local market, compatibility standards in many sectors of the economy, a significant number Chadians who were educated in Ukraine. Among the promising areas of bilateral cooperation are transport, agriculture, construction, exploration and development of mineral resources, medicine and education.

One of the most perspective areas of the bilateral cooperation is the education sphere. This cooperation started in 1961, but its rate of Chadian students fell sharply in the second half of the 90s. In total, since 1961 Ukraine has provided high education for more than 500 Chadian specialists. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, bilateral trade in 2014 amounted to USD 13.9 million, in 2015 - USD 2.23 million. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine in 2016 there was no trade turnover between Ukraine and Chad.

The basis of Ukrainian exports in 2015 was production machinery industry, there were minor food products of Ukrainian origin, including frozen poultry. In 2014 - 2015, the bilateral trade turnover comprised 100% of Ukrainian exports to Chad.